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My Story…

Having the chance to be physically active is a privilege. Growing up I played sports all the time. And I knew being a part of a school or club team always had its costs. I am grateful my parents were able to help support me, but it’s not easy wanting to be an athlete. It takes hours of training and cost adds up from coaching fees, to gym fees, and time lost not being able to work often.  I’m doing the move challenge for kids to be able to participate in sports. To have the experience of being active and enjoying something they like to do without worrying about the cost. 


The skills kids learn through sports are carried with them throughout their lives, but 1 in 3 kids are being left on the sidelines because they don't have the resources to play. KidSport helps remove those financial barriers to participating #SoALLKidsCanPlay. 

Through a confidential application process, KidSport provides funding to kids from families facing financial barriers to help cover the cost of sport registration fees so they can experience the joy of a season of sport. 

Help more kids get in the game. Donate today #SoALLKidsCanPlay.

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Apr 16 Anonymous I love seeing you grow and pursue your passions. Thanks for being so steadfast. You’re an inspiration, V! Cheering you on always. Undisclosed amount
Apr 15 D, B, A & G Leeper Love your heart and spirit V!! CA$27.60